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Is being a gay sugar baby something you’re considering to help pay bills, tuition, and access the finer things in life? Regardless of your reasoning – no judgment here – there are many nuances to this dating arrangement that are worth knowing about before getting started. Having some insight can save you both time and effort as well as keep you safe in a world you’re not as yet accustomed to.


You’ll get there, but until that day comes, we’re here to help. Starting with our Gay Sugar Baby 101 guide. We’re covering the basics and uniting them all in one quick and convenient guide, so dig in even before you start choosing your sugar baby profile pictures.


What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an increasingly common dating arrangement wherein one partner is financially supported by the other partner. The gay sugar daddy or gay sugar momma is the partner providing the financial incentive while the person on the receiving end is called the gay sugar baby.


Most commonly arranged on websites that specialize in these types of relationships, the financial incentive is typically in the form of monetary payments, gifts, support, and other material benefits. The sugar baby receives these in exchange for companionship or a dating-like relationship that varies in extent.


Gay Sugar Lingo

The sugar dating world truly is a world of its own. Newcomers to that world are often confused by the very particular language used among gay sugar babies and gay sugar daddies.


Below are some of the most common terms you’ll find on gay sugar dating arrangement websites:

  • SB(s) and SD(s): This one is pretty self-explanatory. SB stands for sugar baby and SD stands for sugar daddy.
  • M&G: This stands for meet and greet. A meet and greet refers specifically to a first date, wherein money isn’t typically exchanged. SBs will sometimes receive a small gift during an M&G but shouldn’t expect it.
  • Allowance: An allowance is an arrangement wherein the SB receives cash or payment on a regular schedule, such as monthly or weekly.
  • PPM: Otherwise known as pay per meeting, this is an arrangement wherein the SB receives a specified amount of money per date. Many sugar dating arrangements start out like this because there is less risk than setting up an allowance.
  • Experience daddies: If you’re looking for cash, then stay away from experience daddies. These fellas offer dining, vacations, and other gifts instead of paying in money.
  • Splenda daddy: These are daddies who have smaller budgets.
  • Salt daddy: Is someone who tries to get the intimate side of the arrangement without the intention of payment.


Who Can Be a Gay Sugar Baby?

Literally, anyone. Sugar Daddy For Me, arguably the world’s most trusted sugar dating website, has over 3 million users. A large portion of those users are gay sugar daddies looking for gay sugar babies in all different shapes, sizes, ages, etc. If you’re willing to accept the terms of your arrangement, there’s an endless amount of daddies out there that will be interested.


With that said, you need to be sure that you really want to be a gay sugar baby before you dive in. It’s not unusual for a sugar baby to be into the idea until their daddy is looking for their end of the mutually beneficial relationship.


It’s worth mentioning that money shouldn’t be your only motivation here. We say that because it’s always a bad idea to depend on a sugar daddy as your only source of income. Not only is that an unstable and delicate arrangement, it also leaves you vulnerable to people looking to take advantage of your financial need and it could lead you to accepting terms with men that you otherwise wouldn’t consider.


Deciding What You Want

Once you’re sure that this is something you want to do, then you need to decide what you want, both in terms of how you want your dating life to look and what you want out of it.


In regard to the dating aspect, think about the men you’d like to date. While the majority of sugar daddies are older men, there are some that are on the younger-end of that age demographic. You also need to think about how much time you have to dedicate to your daddy and how you’ll fit that into your current work/life situation.


Now you’re ready to look for your daddy based on what you want. But you still need to define your side of the bargain. Are you looking for cash, gifts, shopping, travel, or a little of each? Don’t forget to consider what you’re willing to do with your daddy. Are you only willing to have a companion or will you allow a more intimate relationship to occur?


Staying Safe

Perhaps most importantly is staying safe through this whole process. Step 1 of safety in sugar dating starts when you open up an online profile.


It’s common for both sugar babies and sugar daddies to use aliases (i.e. not their real names). And while you can and should use real photos, make sure those photos don’t appear on any of your public online profiles because they’re often cross-referenced by daddies. You should also consider downloading anonymous messaging apps as well as one that generates a fake number for you to use.


Use your street smarts and common sense to avoid falling victim to a “pump and dump”. This is when a salt daddy doesn’t provide payment, gets intimate with a baby, and then ghosts. For this reason, among others, you should never be intimate with a daddy until you’ve set your terms and received your allowance.


End Thoughts

The world of sugar dating comes with its own lingo, its own considerations, and its own rules for staying safe. It should never be a snap decision to seek this arrangement, but one that involved some thought in regard to what you’re looking for, what you’re willing to do (or not to do), and how you’re going to fit it into your life. But when you enter this world with a clear head and the right research, it can be an exciting and beneficial world to be a part of.

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